We are all aware of the environmental impact that producing and shipping snowboarding products around the world has, and we believe it is our duty to continuously improve our processes to help reduce our impact. We use better alternative ingredients when possible, we do not overproduce, and we make premium products that will last and reduce overall production/product waste.

People are what make Nitro and we believe that every person in the production and company chain should be respected and treated fairly. Together with all of our production partners we bring our core values to the table first, and work with factories that treat their employees with respect and offer a safe and beneficial work environment.


Like most production and manufacturing processes around the world, we know that producing snowboard products puts an impact on the environment, which is why continue to improve our processes and do everything we can to make sure these products have a minimal impact on the world we snowboard in. Our factories represent our core values by providing fair labor conditions, safe, and environmentally friendly standards to all of its workers. We focus on using only what is necessary, continuously searching for better alternative solutions, and using recycled materials and solutions when possible. We care too much about snowboarding to stand still for our future rippers!



We are using water-based inks for over 70% of our board topsheets and over 30% of our bases. 15% of our bases use no ink.

70% of our board tops are either uncoated or finished using a solvent-free lacquer with a Volatile Organic Compound rating of VOC:0.

  • Use 100% water-based inks within the next two years.
  • Use 100% VOC:0 rated lacquers on all coated boards.


Over 85% of our running bases are made using recycled raw material.

To increase the use of recycled materials even more in the future.


FSC Certification: We are using FSC certified woods already in production.

To get our entire supply chain 100% FSC Certified within one year.


We are heating our presses with water, not with oil or electricity. Our grinding system uses a closed water circuit with integrated filtering systems. This saves energy and resources.
We have started using thinner topsheets than most other suppliers, saving raw materials and weight.

To increase the use of thinner topsheets as much as possible in the future.


We are planning to install a photovoltaic system on our factory’s roof. This will allow us to not only run the entire production’s energy requirements, but also supply clean power to neighborhood companies and households.

To install the Solar Energy system and hook it up within 2 years.


We are planning to install a new a fully automated glue dispensing system. This will reduce the glue used and save resources.


We are erecting a completely new dormitory for our workers with more privacy, kitchen and other amenities.

We are organizing multi-day company trips with all workers, all expenses paid.

  • To have the new dormitory in operation within two years.
  • Go snowboarding with our workers.


100% of the materials used for our boards are in compliance with REACH requirements.


We use 20% recycled material in our plastic parts. All plastic parts are injection molded, a process with minimal waste.

Metal parts will be 100% recycled. Water-based and solvent-free coating systems by 2020.


Our boots are mostly made of PVC free materials and the glue is benzene free.

  • Produce our boots 100% PVC free and use recycled cartons.
  • Reduce excess packaging (boxes) wherever possible.


We believe in fair work environments for all and we try to use as many environmentally friendly procedures and alternatives as possible. We work with factories that provide safe and fair labor standards to their employees to produce our finished products.

We know that producing outerwear and clothing is not the most environmentally friendly process, so we focus on making premium products that will last longer and produce responsible amounts to reduce overstock. We use our left over fabrics by creating a “left over collection” at the end of each production cycle to maximize the use of raw materials. We have recently relocated so that all of our raw materials are closer to the finish product factory to minimize unnecessary shipping distances and the negative impacts associated. Our mission is to continue to work with the entire supply/production/retail chain to continue to raise the bar on environmental sustainability standards.


We relocated our outerwear production to Thailand in 2018. We were looking for outstanding quality in manufacturing while respecting all environmental and social aspects for production.

The factory where we produce L1 Premium Goods has passed the audit from the Fair Wear Foundation, one of the biggest and most respected social audits for garment production.

We are committed to pay a higher price for production when production goes along with our values for social corporate responsibility and environmental awareness.

We do not only want to rely and market labels that fulfill or claim certain standards, because often those labels are also used for Marketing purposes to give the consumer a better feeling while purchasing.

We as a brand believe that we can also make an impact, even if it is a little one. Therefore we have started our own giveback initiative the L1FE FOUNDATION.

Our goal is to continue to support the L1FE Foundation by realizing several projects and help individuals to have a better life. We will also launch multiple projects to reduce wastage of fabrics for the future as well as implementing new technologies to improve the standards of production. In addition to that we are connately working to reduce the distance of our supply chain in order to produce everything locally in Thailand.


We use a C6 DWR Coating on our bags.

50% BlueSign Approved Fabrics until 2020 and 100% by 2022.


We created the L1FE FOUNDATION to give back to a group of people close to our hearts. We were so impressed by the dedication of our production partner in Thailand that we felt compelled to find a way to help within their community.

Every year we'll be donating a portion of our annual outerwear sales to projects that will positively impact our friends in Thailand. This year we purchased farmland for a family in northern Thailand so they can grow vegetables to support themselves. Our goal with each project is to help build a foundation for a better quality of life.


We believe that one of the core reasons Nitro has been around for 30 years is that we treat everyone in the supply chain with the respect and by bringing our core values to all of our business partners. We make sure all of our production partners are aware of our core values, which means it is important to us that our factory workers work in a safe and healthy work environment, receive fair labor compensation, and treated with respect. It is important to us that every single person involved in producing our finished products work in a safe and fair labor environment.


We support I PLANT A TREE. A platform for reforestation projects in our region.


myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. It does so in a market-oriented and customer-focused way as a non-profit organisation.

Back to the Green Island with Efficient and Solar Stoves

Continue to support even more organizations worldwide.


Our de-centralized company structure doesn't force our employees to make long (car) commutes. Many colleagues walk to the office, take the bike or work from home. Nitro has been cultivating this approach for 30 years now.

To teach and inspire sustainable living techniques and lifestyles.