Marcus Kleveland Pro One-Off

More Than Just A Kid´s Board!

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Marcus Kleveland keeps pushing the limits of what any young shredder can accomplish with the support and reliability offered by our trusted Cam-Out Camber. His bag of tricks is deeper than most veteran pro snowboarder out there and he continues to push the limits of what can be done on a snowboard almost everyday. His riding is more than just big tricks it is also full of mind blowing mini shred moves. We had to speci cally develop a board for younger boarders in need of man-sized performance to continue their progression. Don ́t let a kids sized board hold you back – The MK Ripper will allow you to spin faster, go bigger, press higher, and tweak longer all year long!

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  • Characteristics

    • Twin Shape

    • Urban Flex

      SMOOTH AND LOOSE These ultra flexible boards can be tweaked any way you like, from rails to butter tricks, and they won’t wash out on you.
    • Standard Width

    • Trüe Camber

      TRÜE Camber is good old standard camber, which provides the stability, and pop many shreds can ́t live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber design. Our TRÜE Camber varies between board models because each board is specifically designed for a certain terrain or type of riding, for example the TRÜE Camber in our Pantera SC has a larger height for maximum response, while the TRÜE Camber in our freestyle boards are lower to provide you with a more freestyle friendly flex, without loosing the support and trust you need for stomping landings. Camber is Camber there is no point in over complicating it!
    • Dual-Degressive Sidecut

      is sidecut blends a smaller radius in the center with two larger ones in the tip and tail, making it loose and playful. The most forgiving of our sidecuts.
  • Special Features

    • Bi-Lite Laminates

      BI-LITE LAMINATES: FORGIVING AND STRONG Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
    • Powercore II

      POWER CORE II: ENHANCED PERFORMANCE AND EXTRA STRENGTH The Powercore II is a tip-to-tail poplar wood core with additional beech wood stringers for unrivalled strength, smooth response and insane snap.
    • Railkiller Edge

      Your secret weapon for rails, rocks and longevity! With it ́s unique edge profile and an impact resistance of more than 200% compared to a standard edge - the Railkiller Edge is twice as thick and twice as strong. This proprietary construction can take on any rail challenge. Take a file to them or ride them hard and wear them down naturally, this chunk of steel has enough meat for years of abuse.
    • Sintered Speed Formula II Base

      Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into our sintered base material makes the base surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet extremely durable, SPEED FORMULA II base technology is exclusively featured on Nitro high-end boards.
Marcus Kleveland Pro One-Off


Marcus Kleveland Pro One-Off


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Marcus Kleveland Pro One-Off


The good old standard camber

Trüe Camber

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The secret weapon for rails, rocks and longevity

Rail Killer Edge

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Smooth response and insane snap

Power Core II

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