The days our slowly getting longer up here in Lofoten, literally – sunrise is at 3:56am and sunset is at 10:00pm, and the sky never goes fully black just a beautiful deep blue. We have been on the road for almost three weeks now and have seen insane scenery, snowboarded, camped, played soccer, and surfed so much! Doing at least one of those things everyday, and the list of possible activities and adventures are endless up here! Today we are going to try to do some climbing.

The climbing crew including Bob Plumb, Jeremy Thornburg, and climbing “expert” Griffen Siebert went to visit the famous Svolværgeita to try to make it to the top. Unfortunately, upon arrival the rock was way to wet to climb, so the crew headed for a bouldering overhang that had shelter from the weather and was dry. They met up with a local climber from the area and pushed themselves to conquer this norwegian Beta overhang.

The other part of the crew was still just amped to go out and find some iconic spots to jib on down by the ocean. Eero Ettala, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner and the rest got in their Audi Q7s, which had been charging all night, to look for some roofs to rock without using fuel only electricity. It is crazy awesome that you can now search for spots in Lofoten in a big car using only electricity – It is such a nice “quite” feeling. The crew ended up finding a typical Lofoten fish cleaning A-frame house to rock. The snow has been melting quite fast down by the fjord shoreline, so creating an in-run was pretty interesting and time consuming, but well worth it. After rocking, stalling, planting, and airing for hours the crew headed back to base camp.

Everybody ended the day with a solid sauna and swim in the ocean. Lofoten never seems to let us down – Lofoten Provides! Tomorrow we will be packing up our gear and starting our journey back down to Munich Germany through the country of Sweden and Denmark. A new adventure awaits, but we wish we could stay up here for another month, because there is still so much to experience and it is simply the coolest place we have ever been!

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