The Weather has come to stay apparently. We woke up to the sound of rain hitting the roof top and tents…. Classic slow morning material. When the clouds are low and the rain is falling it is hard to get going in the morning, especially to go walk around in the snow. After a few hours, we all started to get cabin fever and restless. The crew naturally split up into different groups searching for different adventures.

Basti, Eero, Sven, Domink, Benny, and a few others got into the Q7´s and headed off to Unstad Beach in search of mid day waves. If you ever are in Lofoten and you would like to go surf, we would highly recommend going to Unstad. It is a nice beginner friendly break and beautiful surroundings. If you are in need of gear check out the Unstad Arctic Surf for a nice coffee and you can rent gear there, but if you are looking for an affordable option check out Frost which is in the area as well. The boys ended up surfing for a couple hours before heading back to base camp at the Lofoten Apartments.

One crew went for a quick “just for fun” split mission in the bad weather near Kabelvåg, just to get some exercise and some turns in. While the remaining crew went on a mission to explore the area in-between Svolvær and Unstad. It was the classic sea sightseeing trip, stopping at beaches, looking at views, and searching for sea urchins and taking photos.

When everyone got back to the base camp – Eero Ettala noticed that the neighbor dock had an old old viking style row boat on it and thought it would be a cool idea to jib this before the sun set at 10pm. In good style, Eero walked over to the neighbors house and asked them if they would be okay if we jibbed their antique boat. Most people would probably say, “hell no you can´t snowboard on my dock, let alone jib my 80 year old boat”, but Norwegians are a special kind of human – they are always down to share and let kids do fun stuff. The neighbor said yes and actually let us come in his house and film from his deck. Eero, Dominik, and Marc session the old boat until the light was gone for the night. We ended the day with a big family style pasta dinner, UNO and Chess matches – The BEST!

Another day with variable weather up here in Lofoten full of adventures and fun times with friends!

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