The Sun is finally back and the crew is more than motivated to go bag some peaks on their snowboards. We headed out on the road in the Q7s in search of our next location Stornappstinden, which is the tallest and most western peak on the Lofoten Islands. Once we made it to the base of the trail, we started the long trek up. This was the longest splitboard trek we have been on so far, and we felt it. It was not easy getting to the top, our bodies are finally starting to show signs of wear and tear after 2 weeks of getting after it on and off the mountain.

Once we made it to the top, the clouds rolled in and we almost got stuck. The weather up here can be very variable, especially up on the summits of the mountains. We walked up with first layers on with the sun blazing, but ended up stuck on the peak in white out conditions in freezing temperatures. In situations like this it is important to keep your cool and not panic. So we unpacked our gear, put on additional layers, and had a nice lunch session in the clouds, and once we finished lunch we got lucky – the clouds parted and the mountain was ready to be shredded.

We spent the rest of the day sessioning what the mountain provided, with dream world back drop and views. We also built a rock gap that we plan on hitting tomorrow. Once the sunset we strapped in and ripped down the mountain together and headed back to basecamp.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update to see how the rock gap turns out and we might camp on the summit if the weather and wind are acceptable.

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