Once the clouds rolled in during the night it brought the rain with it as well. The good news about Bad weather here in Lofoten is that this usually means there is a surf swell coming in as well. Bryan, Knut, Griffin, Basti, Dominik, Erik Botner, Ludvig, Sven, and Benny Urban headed out to Unstad Beach around 6:00am to get there during high tide. High tide is usually the best time to surf up here in Lofoten. Once the crew arrived they got in the freezing arctic water for a fun session of mini shredding (the waves were not insane, but really fun).

Dominik Wagner who is from Austria had never surfed before and ended up catching his first wave of his life up here. Not many people get the chance or have the courage to surf in the arctic, and there are even fewer people who catch their first wave in these arctic waters. After the crew had had enough and too cold, they headed back to the Lofoten Apartments in their Audi Q7s. Once they arrived back at the old fishing house down by the fjords they were met by the rest of the crew who were setting up a spot.

The crew who had stayed inside during the rain, had apparently reached the breaking point and gone a little crazy. They were setting up a jump line into the rail that goes down onto the dock for boats…. Once you hit the rail going down onto the dock there is not enough space to stop before flying into the fjord, so when you go for it you are also committing to a cold dip in the ocean. Sven and Ludda ended up sessioning the dock rail and flipping into the water for a couple hours while the rest of the crew looked on and enjoyed the action into the night.

After the dock session was over a few of the boys headed over to the local indoor climbing gym for a quick grip it and rip it session. The indoor climbing centre is located in the town of Kablevåg, and is totally worth the visit if you are into climbing on a rainy day. The fishing crew headed out to their favorite fishing spot outside of Solver and caught dinner for the crew within 20 casts. Another beautiful day here in Lofoten – even though the weather was not perfect for snowboarding – it was great for adventures.

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