We went to bed expecting the weather to be gloomy and raining, but woke to a bluebird day. Fun fact the sun rises here at 3:00am, so its nice but sometimes a little annoying… hahaha. With the sun high in the sky we figured we needed to go out and take advantage of it. The crew split up into a mountain crew and an urban crew.

The mountain crew saw some lines and features right across the fjords from the Lofoten Apartment and jump in the cars to get there, except for Sven Thorgren. Sven decided to take advantage of the situation and hoped on the SUP board and crossed the fjord to the bottom of the peaks. Once the crew met up they began their decent to the top of the Hopen Lines. Couloirs and runs were had all morning long, and on the way down we came across a sweet little hip. Everyone who snowboards can relate to how fun it is to session a slushy hip.

The urban crew decided to go into the City of Light, Svolvær, to look for what the city has to offer for snowboarding. After searching for spots, or actually just sightseeing the crew found a spot down by the fishing docks. As usual the Norwegian locals were friendly and stoked to see kids out in the snow having fun.

After the clouds rolled in we headed back to the Lofoten Apartments to spend the rest of the night fishing off the dock and catching fish for dinner – we are officially in dream world. We have started a new saying: LOFOTEN PROVIDES – which means that this place has everything we are looking for when it comes to snowboarding, driving, surfing, mountains, fishing, views, weather, camping, and everything else.

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