Nitro Team X Ben Tour Binding

The team riders binding of choice combines top comfort technologies with a focus on performance and durability for taking a beating all season long. Simply put, our Nitro Team binding was built to offer the strength and fit needed for pro-level progression without sacrificing the comfort and flex required for endless days. Quickly becoming the go-to Nitro binding for pro riders all over the world.

Progression is tough, but the Team is tougher!

Perfect Fit

Stealth Air Base Frame

Material Compatibility

Board Saver Technology

Natural Board-Flex

2×4 Mini Disc with Angle Lock Feature


Cable Reinforced Connectors and Ratchets

Easy To Use

Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets

Maximum Comfort

Premium Comfort Ankle Straps

Ben Tour

Ben Tour is a Canadian Illustrator based on the Sunshine Coast BC with a recognizable style drawing inspiration from figurative art and Graffiti culture. His observations deftly inform his paintings, enabling him to capture the essence of a character, then distort that view anyway he desires. Frenetic lines, swaths of colour and intimate angles all convey a sense that Tour may not only be drawing inspiration form the lives of strangers but manifesting his own experiences as well.