Last winter a group of friends, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, and Jeffery Richards went up to Retallack, BC to just go ride pow and have fun. Together with Nitro photographer Bob Plumb and Lick The Cat mastermind filmer Jeremy Thornburg they were all able to debunk the myth that “No Friends on a Pow Day is better”, because as you can see in the video its way more fun to ride pow with your friends.

The crew enjoyed the bottomless interior BC powder during the day, and the endless laughs during the evenings inside the, worlds coziest, Retallack Lodge. Normally we set out to capture the best action, the greatest landscapes, the best lines, but on this specific trip we set out to just enjoy the essence of snowboarding together with your friends, everything else took a back seat, but as we all know when your with your friends funny, impressive, progressive, and stylish stuff always happens.

So in honor of winter finally hitting full swing and powder days finally happening we are proud to present “FRIENDS” a short film celebrating a powder-packed journey to Retallack with a group of best friend snowboarders.