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Thank you for reaching out for more information about our Run To The Hills - The Nitro Lofoten Adventure.

We are currently traveling to and through the Lofoten Islands of Norway, which is located 1370km north of Oslo, Norway (about 22 hours by car or 2:15 hours by plane). We will be split boarding, hiking, camping, surfing, and exploring everything this beautiful island chain has to offer from April 15th to April 29th.

You can find out where we are by:

1. looking at the interactive map on our website:

2. following our Instagram posts and story at @NITROUSA

3. Contact us via the contact form asking us where we are and where we are going

If you would like to join us our meet up with us, just come to our current location. If you want to plan ahead you can reach out to us via the contact form and we will get in contact with you personally to help you out.

We will be a pretty large crew of professional snowboarders, filmers, photographers, and snowboard enthusiasts taking photos, filming, exploring and hanging out, so everyone will be busy doing their thing at any moment, but we are also out to have fun and good times on the mountain, so you can come and see how we explore the mountains. We will not be doing guided tours, only going on our own adventures.

1. If you plan on joining us you will need to bring all your own equipment for snowboarding, hiking, or split boarding (this includes avalanche safety equipment – everyone needs to be safe in the mountains), bring your own food, camping equipment (if you plan on staying overnight), warm clothes, a means of transportation, and just basic gear you would normally bring on an adventure into the mountains. Before coming please reach out to us the contact form – for further information and assistance!

2. If you plan on just stopping by to say hello and check out the crew, just come on by.

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