The crew in the Audi´s departed Trondheim at the crack of dawn to embark on their 15.5 hour drive up to Lofoten. On the way we passed through the Arctic Circle and entered the world of the long days. The sun here is slowly staying up longer and longer each day, which makes for some incredible sunsets. Meanwhile, Team Manager Knut Eliassen and team rider Elias Elhardt arrived in Narvik, Norway mid day. They headed straight for the islands.

After arriving driving about 1.5 hours Knut and Elias got their split boarding gear together and started hiking up the first peak of our Run To The Hills Lofoten Adventure. They arrived at the base of what is known as Rundtinden. The hike up Rundtinden from the North Face is a 2.5 hour hike to the summit, which is not that bad for the views it provides on the way up and on the summit. Midway up the hike, Elias Elhardt lost his pole while checking the thickness of a wind lip, which made it pretty exciting for him to summit the rest of the mountain. Once the Knut and Elias reached the summit, they set up a little camp and enjoyed the sunset, by hand planting the summit. The way down was the perfect sunset descent.

When the boys came down from Rundtinden, than the Audi crew arrived. They set up camp up in the mountains and enjoyed a peaceful night full of northern lights. The perfect way to arrive in Lofoten, sunset and northern lights. Let the adventure begin.

Stay tuned for another update tomorrow, when we continue our adventure. #RunToTheHills

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