Today the drive continued through more of the beautiful west coast of Norway. This country is full of mountain views, fjord crossings, and wonderful people. After departing the area of Stranda at the break of dawn, we took our first ferry of the day, and 5 ferries later we finally made it to the world famous Atlantic Ocean Road.

The road itself is not that long, I believe it is about 8.3 km, but the way it is built connecting many many small islands together with bridges to each one is what makes it so incredible. Honestly, it seems like a lot of work, but we are sure glad the Norwegian government built this beauty. The road has a roller coaster feel, kind of like snowboarding, full of curvy bridges, ups and downs, and phenomenal views. We were lucky that the weather was so nice, because on stormy days the waves actually crash over the road and bridges so it can be quite dangerous to drive here.

The drive along this spectacular road was a good reminder of why it is sometimes worth taking the long way to get somewhere, like we are doing right now. Obviously we could have taken a plane all the way up to Lofoten, but than we would have missed out on the journey and all the beauty the world has to offer along the way.

After spending, probably way to much time hanging out on the road at the edge of the ocean, we decided it was time to continue our journey north. After getting back into the Q7´s we cruised into the land of Vikings, Trondheim when the sun was finally setting. The old part of this town is literally taken out of a viking saga, old stone buildings everywhere, a river that runs around the town that seems like a moat, and a huge church (Nidarosdomen) in the centre of the city. Today was a good day and we are looking forward to finishing the trek all the way up to Lofoten tomorrow. A mellow 15.5 hour drive into the Arctic Circle.

Stay tuned for another update tomorrow, when we finally arrive in Lofoten. #RunToTheHills

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