Tuesday, March 10th we were lucky enough to start a new Run To The Hills Adventure to Lofoten, Norway. The idea is to drive from Munich, Germany all the way up to Lofoten, Norway where we will meet up with the rest of the Nitro Team who is coming in from all over the world to do some spring snow camping in the most picturesque location in the world! We packed up the Audi Q7´s and Audi Sport RS4 for a drive that would scare most: Munich, Germany to Lofoten, Norway which is approximately 3000km with multiple ocean and fjord crossing. That is a lot of kilometres behind the wheel, but if you consider the roads and views we will see along the way, it is a gift to be able to do it.

After putting the cars to the test by driving as fast as we could on the Autobahn, we took an overnight ferry from Denmark to Bergen, Norway. The ferry was a good break from being gripped to the wheel on the Autobahn all day, especially for those driving the RS4 – its basically a supercar. Arriving in Bergen early Thursday morning, felt like arriving in a new world. The sun was shinning, and the mountain tops were covered in a snowy white blanket. The feeling of arriving to a post card view is not something you experience everyday.

Now the journey continues north up the coast of Norway for the next two days. The roads here are far from the standard and speeds of the Autobahn, plus it feels like we take a ferry across the fjord every other hour. The amount of ferries on the west coast of Norway is amazing, it most be one of the only places in the world where you cross fjords multiple times a day. It´s absolutely beautiful.

The goal for today is to make it to the Atlantic Ocean Road, outside of Molde, Norway. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean Road we will continue our journey to Trondheim and stay there for the night. Trondheim is a city that looks like it comes straight out the Viking era, so we are excited to see it.

The plan continues to be the same, make it to Hinnøya in Lofoten by Saturday to start bagging some peaks and pow turns and hopefully see the northern lights.

Stay tuned for another update tomorrow. #RunToTheHills

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