What offline means to us

Do you ever want to just drop everything, get off your phone, close your computer, and just live in the moment, offline? This feeling inspired us to take a look at the world we live in today and create a video that hopefully inspires people to do just that. For us, snowboarding is our escape and one of the few things we do that truly allows us to be offline, focusing only on the next turn, side hit, tweak, airtime, carve, pow slash, or high five. Snowboarding allows us to focus on what is right in front of us, through real experiences with real friends. It´s more than just snowboarding, it´s our escape back to reality.

This is also the reason we currently do not sell directly online through our website - we offer our products to snowboard stores around the world to sell through their shops to their local community. To do our part to help support the local snowboard communities and people who have and will continue to cultivate snowboarding further around the world. This is why we have decided not to cut out these important people by selling directly around them, but rather together with them. Snowboarding is built on real people. These people make up the community and our main job is to support the snowboard community as best as we can.

World Premiere Tour 2019

Sept 20Oberammergau, Germany Sept 21 Arco di Trento, Italy Sept 28 Salt Lake City, USA Oct 5 Annecy, France Oct 10 Hamburg, Germany Oct 10 Banff, Canada Oct 11 Amsterdam, Nederlands
Oct 17 Stuttgart, Germany Oct 18 Graz, Austria Oct 18 London, UK Oct 19 Beijing, China Oct 20 Tianjin, China Oct 24 Bend, USA Oct 24 Eugene, USA
Oct 24 Bern, Switzerland Oct 25 Zurich, Switzerland Oct 25 Shijiazhuang, China Oct 25 Xi´an, China Oct 31 Zurich, Switzerland Nov 1 Bern, Switzerland