The NitroCarver Crüe

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of carving is; “the act or art of one who carves”. We believe that everyone who snowboards enjoys the simple pleasures of linking turns – carving is just the next level. There is something so simple, yet so enjoyable about holding a toe side carve and than linking a deep heel side carve on a groomed run. We have decided to make a new product series dedicated to making carving more enjoyable, and allowing everyone to become a part of the Carver Crüe.

Rights and leftsall day long

The Carver Crüe is a collection of boards, boots, and bindings that will help you get your hands to the ground on both toe and heel-side turns like a pro. The boards have a deeper and more carver friendly sidecut, the boots have a more responsive flex, and the bindings have either a heel rise and/or more responsive straps, allowing you to really rail your turns from the peak to parking lot.

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